Cooperation – long-term
We are proud of our natural wealth


We are inspired by the opportunity to share the beautiful things found in the Latvian nature. Attractive colours and special birch firewood textures that look perfect when placed by the fireplace. We offer high-quality and always dry firewood. The company, which was created ten years ago, has developed to such an extent that we are called the leaders in exporting birch firewood from Latvia to Norway. We are a reliable partner who embraces honest cooperation and sticks to its promises. In other words – we do exactly what we say. 

Armands Kruklis, chairman of the board


We can meet in person

  • The distance between Oslo and Riga, the capital of Latvia, is 843 kilometres.
  • By plane you can cover this distance in just 90 minutes.  
  • If you buy a plane ticket in time, you can fly from Riga to Oslo for €11
  • Our manager can meet you in person in Oslo.