For firewood to burn well, it must be well dried
It is easy to light birch firewood, and it burns for a long time, with an even flame and without sparks

Quality guarantee

The firewood complies with Norwegian NS4414 first class standards.

Warmth and eco

  • Birch firewood burns for a long time, with an even flame and does not produce sparks.
  • Birch firewood gives off heat well. Birch firewood contains more carbon and therefore burns longer at higher temperatures.
  • Dry firewood releases less tar.  
  • The most environmentally friendly fuel, so it is best to heat the house with firewood.

We recommend!

  • Before burning, remove the bark so that the glass of a closed fireplace is not blackened.
  • If the firewood is stored for more than two years, its aroma becomes weaker.
  • Firewood that is too dry burns quickly, so there should be a bit of moisture in the firewood.
  • For people with respiratory problems, it is recommended to heat sauna with birch firewood because burning birch firewood disinfects sauna.